The floors at your locations need to remain clean and safe, and you need well maintained floor cleaning equipment to accomplish this. Historically, when VSI begins working with a new customer we have found at least 2 and as many as 9 broken vacuums in every store in the chain.

This leaves you with three choices when maintaining your floor cleaning fleet: Fix it yourself or fix it locally, replace the broken unit, or outsource the entire process.

Outsourcing your CVC management to VSI Global will save you thousands of dollars annually.

Let’s take a sample look at the differences between outsourcing your Commercial Vacuum Cleaning fleet to VSI Global and managing your fleet of vacuum cleaners yourself:

Replacing The Damaged Units Yourself:

  • CVC Costs: 1000 Units @ $250 per = $250,000 Per Year Replacement Budget
  • Employee Cost: 2 Hours @ $13/Hr. X 1000 Units = $26,000 Per Year
  • Total Replacement Expense: $276,000 Per Year

Outsourcing Your Fleet To VSI Global:

Average VSI Remanufacturing Expense: $100 X 1000 Locations = $100,000
Average Shipping: $40 X 1000 Locations = $25,000
Total Remanufacturing Costs: $125,000

Savings vs. Replacement: $151,000!

By outsourcing the entire process to VSI Global, you will experience a significant savings in both time and money. We first begin by troubleshooting the problem over the telephone, where we can address 30% of all issues with no need for replacement. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we then ship a remanufactured unit directly to the store reporting the issue. The broken unit is then shipped back to us, which we repair and place back in your dedicated inventory in our warehouse.
Costs Of Replacement:
Savings By Outsourcing:

Learn How It Works

Your floors need to stay clean and well maintained. The CVC Sustainability Program from VSI Global can help.

Contact us today and learn more about how our Vacuum Sustainability Program can save you time and money:
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