We all agree that the floors at your locations need to be clean, safe and well maintained. You need floor cleaning equipment capable of accomplishing this, equipment that will be heavily used, and will inevitably break.

For example, you have 1,000 locations with 2 Commercial Vacuum Cleaners (CVCs) in each location. Industry statistics tell us that the average CVC price is $250.00, and needs maintenance once per year, but let’s cut that in half: Let’s say yours only need attention every 2 years. This means every year, you get to decide what to do with 1,000 damaged and broken vacuums.

Enter VSI Global:

Our expert team can take the burden off your employees, field managers and corporate staff by managing and maintaining your CVC fleet in our state-of-the-art facility.

Here we will take all calls from your employees regarding your broken CVC units, 30% of which we can address right over the telephone. If we run into a situation that cannot be resolved by our call center team, we’ll ship a remanufactured unit out to your location the next business day, ensuring that your staff has the tools they need to keep your floors clan and safe.

Once your employee receives the remanufactured unit, they simply ship the damaged unit back to us in the same box, using the included return-shipping label. We then inspect the damaged unit, and remanufacture it to manufacturers specifications.

Your remanufactured CVC unit is then placed in your dedicated inventory in VSI Global’s warehouse, ready to be sent out again to the next location with a broken vacuum.
VSI Makes It Easy For Everyone:
Corporate Benefits
VSI Global makes it easy for your Corporate team by:
  • Outsourcing the entire CVC management and maintenance process.
  • Assuming full accountability for off-location CVC assets.
  • Providing timely fleet activity and sustainability reporting.
  • Eliminating calls from your locations about CVC issues.
  • Providing responsible recycling of scrapped materials.
Field Management Benefits
Employee Benefits

Maintain Your Fleet

Historically, when VSI Global begins working with a new client we find anywhere between 2 and 9 broken vacuums in nearly every store in the chain.

Contact us today and learn more about how our Vacuum Sustainability Program can save you time and money:
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